The way people communicate and consume information has changed rapidly in the past decade. With developments in modern technology, it has become easier and faster to communicate with large audiences all over the globe. This has allowed readers and consumers to get news directly from the source without any intermediaries.

From trades on their favorite sports teams to breaking news from politicians themselves, many people go to social media for their unfiltered news. According to a 2016 Pew Research Center survey, 62% of Americans get their news from social media today.

But social media sites such as Twitter aren’t just for news and following celebrities; you can find great education information on Twitter as well. Teachers and educators can follow these 15 inspirational educators on Twitter to learn about the best and latest teaching trends directly from a source who knows what they’re talking about.

Following educators on Twitter can help today’s teachers stay up-to-date on the latest trends and research in education as well as help develop innovative and fun lesson plans for various subjects.

1. Jennifer Carey – @TeacherJenCarey

Sharing the latest news with links and shares, Jen Carey’s Twitter feed has a great mix of original thought and curated content. Carey, a director of educational technology for the Ransom Everglades School in Florida, is particularly connected to tech news in education. She has certifications from Apple and Google as well. Educators who love checking their Twitter feed between classes will enjoy Carey’s equally tech-savvy teaching takes.


2. Dan Brown – @DanBrownTeacher

Teacher and author Dan Brown brings his Twitter followers into the top teaching conferences and events as well as retweeting news educators would be interested in. The Washington, D.C., teacher and author of “The Great Expectations School” is as likely to share his own stories written for outlets such as Education Week, the Boston Globe, and Huffington Post as he is to quote Latin or interact with followers.


3. Arne Duncan – @arneduncan

Former secretary of education under President Barack Obama and AFT union president, Arne Duncan is well known in education circles. His tweets have a heavy tilt toward the political and are perfect for those passionate about policy who want to see how Washington will affect their classrooms. Duncan, who was the head of the Chicago Public Schools for years, isn’t just a famous face either; he tweets a lot and has plenty to say.


4. Randi Weingarten – @rweingarten

President of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten is a frequent Twitter user. Based in Washington, D.C., Weingarten tweets out about education news and policy with praise and criticism. She also advocates for many other public institutions and civic issues. Teachers, activists, and political junkies need to follow Weingarten.


5. Jose Vilson – @TheJLV

Author of “This is Not a Test,” Jose Vilson is an active math teacher in New York City and a critic of standardized testing. Vilson, who writes for Progressive Magazine, Edutopia, and numerous other sources including The New York Times, tweets about education news as much as his own experience teaching in Washington Heights. Vilson is both active and interactive on his Twitter feed.


6. Vicki Davis – @rcoolcatteacher

Looking for a fund discussion topic? A creative lesson plan? Something to relate biology to the news today? Vicki Davis’ Twitter feed has it all. The Georgia teacher, blogger, and video host has plenty of great ideas for educators on her Twitter feed and her blog.

7. Justin Tarte – @justintarte

From inspirational quotes to professional development advice, Dr. Justin Tarte’s twitter feed focuses on the professional side of teaching. A Missouri education administrator, Tarte shares news, tips, and advice dozens of times a day. This Twitter feed is a great way for teachers to connect with the rest of the community.

8. Will Richardson – @willrich45

Author, blogger, and former teacher Will Richardson tweets regularly on technology in the classroom and ways to transform education. With his takes on topical issues, news articles, and highlights of classrooms around the U.S., @willrich45 is a great follow for teachers who are constantly on the cutting edge. The blogger doesn’t just highlight new tech in schools, he is also critical of ineffective education techniques and programs.

9. Eric Sheninger – @E_sheninger

Eric Sheninger is an award-winning principal and educational leader. He tweets about current events and often links to his own blog for more in-depth comments. Educators will find inspiration, news, and leadership advice from Sheninger’s feed.

10. S. Dallas Dance – @DDAnce_BCPS

Filled with inspirational quotes and local Baltimore news, S. Dallas Dance is an outspoken superintendent of the Baltimore school system. Sharing news and upcoming events, Dance uses Twitter to communicate to the Baltimore and larger educational community.

11. Fran Simon – @FSSimon

Washington, D.C.-based Fran Simon specializes in engagement and technology. Educators who follow her on Twitter can see her opinions on the day’s news and access webinars on a wide range of educational topics. Simon is a great follow for teachers looking to become leaders and administrators.

12. Jason Glass – @COJasonGlass

Jason Glass, the Superintendent of Eagle County Schools in Colorado, frequently tweets about the people and news in his community. It’s a fun follow for teachers who want to keep up with a different school system than their own or who want a model of great social media presence. Glass also has plenty of shares and comments on education news and trends.

13. David Haglund – @hagdogusc

David Haglund is a supporter of personalized learning and tweets about a wide range of teaching techniques and trends as well as education technology. Haglund, who is the deputy superintendent of Santa Ana United Schools in southern California, also tweets links to his own blog frequently for deep dives.

14. Tommy Chang – @SuptChang

Boston Public Schools superintendent Tommy Chang tweets about a variety of local, state, and national education news. His feed highlights many success and feature stories in Boston and beyond.

15. John Hardison – @JohnHardison1

John Hardison, a Georgia High School Language Arts teacher, tweets about teaching techniques and interactive learning. With shares of his own blog and many other publications, followers get a good dose of Hardison’s own insight and content every teacher should read.